I Quit Instagram.

I'm done. Tjoekoep soedah. I still take fairly awesome photos though. 

Fueled mainly by the annoyance on how much time is wasted on scrolling through endless posts and my low tolerance level on looking at people yang luarnya bagus tapi dalamnya siapa yang tau, gue minggat dari Instagram. I quit. I did not conduct a feasibility study on how I would survive without it prior or leave a farewell note to announce my departure. I just leave. I actually thought of deleting my account but I figured nanti kalau gue mati at least the people in the photos would have an accessible way to remember that they were so very loved by me. I kept the account but I have stopped posting.

I quit Facebook in university and Path around… 2013? I cannot recall. Oh! And Snapchat. I deleted my account a few months after creating it. So, as far as I can remember, I have this blog and my Twitter account. And that's it. Those two are enough to occupy my spare time.

Honestly, it feels liberating, betul. Tapi juga ndak segitunya kok. I sometimes think that the effect of getting off social media is hyperbolically stated as life changing. For some, maybe. Buat gue it was ya udah aja. Now I do hold my phone less though karena I no longer feel the need of posting things I see. This makes my Momma happy. The highlight of it to this day is the fact that I have more time reading things that I personally curate and not shoved at me because it looks great on the 'Gram. 

Kalau ditanya orang kenapa, I tell them that for me it got really sumpek—/sum·pek/ (a): sesak, sempit, pengap. Plus I am still at a point where I do not need to be on social media to promote the work I do or to sustain my career. Saya beruntung karena saya memiliki pekerjaan yang tidak bergantung sepenuhnya terhadap media sosial. I am not a performer, an influencer, a model, or whatever else is out there that requires greater exposure. I have a relatively interesting job that I do day to day from a desk which tickles my brain and fulfills the majority of my needs. For that I am grateful and because of that I can sashay out of social media with no major consequence or impact to my life.

As for my photos, I have it all on my phone and camera. Phone mostly karena kamera gue berat banget dan ganti-ganti lensa itu agak merepotkan tapi gue ogah turun ke mirrorless. I'll post some below for the fun of it.

July 2017. Handining's illustrations are my favorite.

July 2017. Persimmon or kesemek sold on the roadside when visiting Passer Baroe.

June 2017. Sipping tea from old school tin cups in Mega Mendung.

June 2017. On the platform at Depok Baru train station.

June 2017. Captured from inside the Commuter Line train, three people on a bike in Tebet.

May 2017. Street art viewed from the car route to the office.

May 2017. A bouqet of local flowers arranged by Roselyn. The colors are divine.

May 2017. Asha with her yellow life jacket floating around our pool.

May 2017. Padang showed off its sunset before I departed home ending my less than 24-hour trip.

April 2017. Clouds over the roof of a temple in Teluk Gong.

March 2017. A shot of the sea taken from the sky.

March 2017. Development - Part 1.

March 2017. Development - Part 2.

March 2017. With my two favorite North Sumatran at Wiki Coffee, Bandung.

March 2017. Bike, cables, and blue sky.

March 2017. We need more public spaces. Alun Alun Bandung is a lovely example.

March 2017. Riding against the traffic on a becak.

March 2017. Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata, Bandung.

February 2017. Leaves at home.

February 2017. Senja di Jakarta.

January 2017. I still read.

So glad to be off that grid,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.


  1. oh ternyata Kak Atha udah gak main IG lagi toh..pantesan beberapa kali kepoin gak update terus fotonya hehe, saya tau Kak Atha dari IG dan jadi baca2 blognya dan aku sukaa :) kakak inspiring banget menurut aku dan bikin aku jadi suka membaca :)

    1. Hi Lulu,

      Iya sudah minggat nih. Terima kasih. Selamat membaca lebih banyak buku lagi ya. Dan semoga dari sana, kamu akan mulai menuangkan apa yang menurutmu inspiratif atau menarik melalui tulisan.


  2. kaaak sering2 ngepost di blog donggg

  3. Halloo kak athaa!! Udah dr thn lamaaaaa bgt ikutin instagram kk dan baru sadar skrg kalo ig nya kk udh ga ada:(. Btw aku mau minta recomendasi buku how to make ur life better than now yg gt" kak terima kasig ^.^