Write All The Time.

"To Quentin Roosevelt
December 24, 1917
Dearest Quentin, 
Mother, the adamantine, has stopped writing to you because you have not written to her -- or to any of us -- for a long time.That will make no permanent difference to you; but I write about something that may make a permanent difference. 
Flora spoke to Ethel yesterday of the fact that you only wrote rarely to her. She made no complaint whatever. But she knows that some of her friends receive three or four letters a week from their loves or husbands (Archie writes Gracie rather more often than this -- exceedingly interesting letters). Now of course you may not keep Flora anyhow. But if you wish to lose her, continue to be an infrequent correspondent. If however you wish to keep her write her letters interesting letters, and love letters -- at least three times a week.
Write no matter how tired you are, no matter how inconvenient it is; write if you're smashed up in the hospital; write when you are doing your most dangerous stunts; write when your work is most irksome and disheartening; write all the time! 
Write enough letters to allow for half being lost. 
A hardened and wary old father."

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. president and a father of six children. The letter above was taken from Dorie McCullough Lawson's Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to Their Children.

Inikah Rasanya Cinta.

Inikah namanya cinta? Inikah cinta? Cinta pada jumpa pertama.
Inikah namanya cinta? Inikah cinta? Terasa bahagia saat jumpa.

"Hah. Memang bisa?" teriak gue sambil melihat keluar jendela.
"I can't hear you! Pelanin dulu suaranya," kata X.
I reached for the volume button to turn the sound down.
"Memang bisa cinta pada jumpa pertama?" tanya gue.
"I think the guys who sang the song are clueless too. Makanya mereka bertanya: inikah namanya cinta? Kalau lo yang ditanya pasti jawabannya: OF COURSE NOT! ARE YOU STUPID?!" balasnya.

Actually, I would say that. Or probably scream that. If whoever wrote that song asked the question to me, the song probably won't exist because I think there is no such thing as cinta pada jumpa pertama. Universe, feel free to prove me wrong. Let me meet men who fell in love with me pada jumpa pertama. Dan gue sepertinya akan butuh lebih dari tiga untuk bisa percaya bahwa notion ini benar and not just some random chance. If so, then probably I will change my grounds.

Mereka Bilang Kita Jodoh.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Kamu dan aku sejalan sepikir.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Ambisimu setinggi langit dan aku selalu mengejar mimpi.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Derap langkahmu cepat dan aku tak pernah lelah berlari.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Sikapmu tegas dan aku pun tak kalah keras.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Kamu hemat berkata dan aku seorang pendengar.

Mereka bilang kita jodoh.
Tuhanmu adalah Tuhanku juga.

Mereka kira kita bodoh.
Karena setelah sepuluh tahun lebih kita masih belum bersama.

Mereka bodoh.
Karena cinta tidak bisa dipaksakan.

Mereka bodoh.
Karena tak cukup hanya sekedar sama untuk bisa hidup berdua.

15 to 16.

It's the new year! Masih punya mimpi dan cita-cita kah? Kalau masih, good for you. Kalau semangat sudah mulai sirna dan target hidup adalah uang, it's probably time to rethink things. Atau mungkin jawaban termudah if you do not fall under either categories, ngalir saja sob.

Karena gue bukan tipe yang ngalir dan kebetulan masih punya banyak mimpi, di tahun 2016 ini I set a different type of goals. Sudah cukup lah tahun-tahun hampa menulis cita-cita sebatas achieving that Victoria Secret's model body atau travelling through 6 countries in a year. Not saying that those are bad goals but on my list, a great body and spending $$$ on travels come second. Tahun ini gue ga menghabiskan terlalu banyak waktu untuk berpikir terlalu in-depth tentang hidup di tahun 2015. What happened in 2015 happened. It was not a great year but I do see it as a year filled with transitions. A lot of gear changing in 2015.

So what's for 2016? 2016's aim is pretty simple to know what I would concentrate in and pursue graduate school by the beginning of 2017. The bigger goal? In whatever field I decide to concentrate in, I want to be able to work from home and still yield financial revenue at least five times higher than peers my age who work a 9-to-5 job in a normal work setting (and the revenue increases exponentially in the coming years). Why? Because in the course of my late 20s, I want to build a home for me and a sanctuary for many. My view on how to achieve this is blurred still for now but  I sincerely hope that in whatever I do, my 2016 will not revolve around me and me only. I have 2015 to thank for this change of perspective. Or else I'd still put "Climb corporate ladder in 2016 and be CEO by 2019" as a goal. Everybody can do that.

Cheers to a great year ahead,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko