Benci Sama Cinta.

"I used to hate love."
"I do not know. I just hated love."
OK. When did you start not liking love? Should I say "benci"? Benci is a very strong word.
"I can't recall the timeline. Dan ya, benci adalah kata yang tepat."
Baiklah. Benci. Kapan lo mulai benci cinta? The question will not answer itself.
"When it started scaring me."
When was that dan kenapa cinta mulai membuat lo takut?
"I told you. I cannot remember the timeline."
Tapi lo ingat apa yang lo rasakan?
"Yes, I remember."
So it was fear and you were afraid. Afraid of what?
What exactly were you afraid of?
Will you cry?
"When I get scared? I will not."
"Would crying help?"

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