A Monologue About... Magazines.

I was sitting on my sofa this morning after an hour of heavy work out session reading, well..., Esquire. Then my brain did a backflip and asked me blatantly: "If you were to choose a guy, you would pick a GQ or an Esquire reader?"

Genius, I thought! Never once did I try describing a guy I would prima facie fall for based on the periodical publication containing articles and illustration that he reads! That was the definition of a magazine, for your information. I've always wondered how the hell would I ever narrow guys down, let alone one I would fancy. It never cross my mind that the magazine they read would be an avenue. If this question was to be shoved on my face, I think this would most likely be my answer.

This was the start of my monologue. B is Brain and A is Athalia.

B: "If you were to choose a guy, would you rather pick a GQ or an Esquire reader?"
A: Chuckles. "Funny question. Never thought of that."

B: "Well what say you?"
A: "I would like to formulate a personalized answer. He would be the audience of National Geographic, the New York Times, SPIN, and Wired."

B: "Do elaborate further."
A: "National Geographic is photography, nature, science, and history in one package, this of course is in my personal opinion. He might be a little curious, hungry for well-researched information and yet still appreciate great photography. A mix of science and art. And maybe, since the magazine has been around since 1888, his grandparents might have been a subscriber which might imply that he comes from a family that appreciates photography, nature, science and history too. My grandfather was a subscriber. I still have some of his issues in my library. Isn't that a lovely thought?"

B: "The New York Times?"
A: "I subscribe to the New York Times due to the topic diversity and the cherry on top would be my love for New York City. It's a magazine and a newspaper; and I love shuffling through its travel and real estate pages. I read most of the popular articles and my favorite section would be Dining and Wine. I just love New York City. I do. I really do. I would love him to love it too. This might be one of the ways we can actually relate to each other; over food, travel, and news. Oh and he would have to know what's going on in the world. The New York Times. Enough said."

B: "SPIN and Wired. Why?"
A: "SPIN is honestly where I get most of my music reviews. My root was, admittedly, jazz and the likes but I have to expand further. Cannot be stuck with the likes of King Cole, Coltrane, Davis, and Getz. So I read SPIN. SPIN is not as rock and roll as the Rolling Stones. He might be an indie fanatic. Would love it if he listens to Japandroids, Imagine Dragons, Sondre Lerche yet still tapping into the likes of John Mayer, The Killers, and maybe even Stevie Wonder. He must have the knowledge of the bands too. I mean, really... I do not think I can cope with shallow. Wired is just awesome. I love nerds, the cool nerds. I assume they read Wired."

B: "Why is Monocle not on your list? Forbes?"
A: "Ah... Yes, Monocle. Jakartans are into Monocle these days but he must have noticed that it was first published in 2007, which makes it fairly new. I go for the traditional. The ones that has been on the business for at least the past 15 years. With that question, you imply that Forbes are for... business men?"

B: "Yes? Are you into business men?"
A: "I have not yet met a decent one."

B: "Ah....."
A: "Yeah."

B: "So if a guy hits all of those magazines, he's your type?"
A: "No. This is skin-deep. A prerequisite, maybe."

B: "What's your type then?"
A: "I don't have a type but I do like guys who read."

B: "Let's go back. GQ or Esquire."
A: "Esquire."

B: "Why?"
A: "Going back to the very basic. Esquire is a young nobleman who, in training of knighthood, acted as an attendant to a knight. While GQ is simply the abbreviation of Gentlemen Quarterly. I'll take the knight, thank you very much."

B: "Fair enough."
A: "I hope he knows that too or else this would all be in vain."

B: "True. Let's grab some food."
A: "Yessssss."

This might not end up in my Draft Folder. I might just post this. And you might think I'm weird. Yet not a care is given from this side of the screen.

Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko