The Silent Treatment.

With her mouth zipped,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.

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  1. The Silent Treatment makes things worse.
    He probably does understand the reason for her silence but until she uses her words in a reasonable and caring dialogue, the issue will never be resolved and the relationship will likely be permanently damaged.

    I suffered through this type of treatment over 16 years and finally she divorced me, but without revealing to me the real reason. Every time I received the silent treatment I was told that it was OK. Then 2-10 days later she acknowledged that she had been upset but that she had resolved it internally. We never ever resolved a single instance involving the silent treatment, and now we are divorced and the kids were divided up evenly by her.

    Remember, Love is a Verb. Look it up and try to live by it, your marriage will then most likely last to your olde age.