I was working on some stuffs for university when I opened the wrong document and this showed up, a poem I wrote on July 2009. I vaguely remember what I felt when writing this. Apparently things have not change that dramatically for the past one year. I feel like blaming time for moving too fast, for not letting things roll on slowly and smoothly, for not being, well... time. Time is not supposed to fly, time is supposed to crawl and let things grow.

But I guess time flies for a reason. That reason shall remain unknown but for now, I'll stand tall. Taller, if I must.

TALLER by Athalia Soemarko

Life might hit you down a couple of times,
The sun might not always shine.
Storms might get in your way
And you'll wonder why you stayed.
But in a few years time,
Darling you'll be fine.
Flying to the corners of the world,
Changing lives.

Know for now,
You need to stand up tall
Though it's painful to fall.
Hold your head up high.
Walk with all your might.
And tomorrow,
You'll see the sun shining bright
For you and I.

Turn back, Time
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.