#romantisadalah: Hellogoodbye.

Was on Twitter yesterday and there was a trending topic: #romantisadalah. Basically people were squeezing their hearts and brains to generate the perfect definition of romance in 140 characters. Possible? I don't know. Achievable? You be the judge.

Romance, what do I know about romance? I don't know anything about romance. Thus the title of the post #romantisadalah: Hellogoodbye. Hellogoodbye has been on my iTunes since... since I start hacking my guitar-hero's iTunes. Their tunes might not always soothe your ears but the lyrics of the songs sometimes know how to hit that soft spot in your heart. Hellogoodbye hits me hard a few days ago as we were driving in the car facing hours of Jakarta's crazy traffic. It was as if the traffic was meant to be. We haven't been spending much time together and well... traffic made that possible. As hands were entwined together, the song "Here In Your Arms" played and it simply says,

"I like,
Where we are,
When we drive,
In your car.
I like,
Where we are;
Here In Your Arms

The perfect song, the perfect words, the perfect time, the perfect person. It's a scene I'll never forget, ever. I'm not much of a melodic person. I'm a logophile, a word lover. When I listen to songs, its the lyrics that I took notice of. Crappy lyrics, bye bye song. Anyway, I've complied some of my favorite Hellogoodbye excerpts from their lyrics. My ultimate favorite is Oh, It Is Love. It's at the bottom of this post. Read it. Read the words, feel the emotion.

"Whether or not the weather is on my side
We could be together if I stay bright-eyed
I can feel the summer sending signs of fall
I see a happy ending if I stand up tall"
All Time Lows

"You can't be close enough unless I'm feeling your heart beat.
All of your love was all that I needed."
All Of Your Love

"We're unofficial now I think its time
Maybe you and I could be so much more
Say you will be mine
And I will be yours"
Asking Jessica To Be Official

"Visit you at Baskin-Robbins all the time
To let you know that I am yours and you are mine
So we can take long walks through Central Park and
Hold each other's hands to fight the dark
So you know that you're never on your own"
Bonnie Taylor Shakedown

"Just in case they're wondering
They've got us pinned terribly
They don't believe our love is real
Cause they don't know how real love feels

You should know it's true
Just now, the part about my love for you
And how my heart's about burst
Into a thousand pieces
Oh it must be true
And They'll believe us too soon

Baby, it's fact
Our love is true
The word black is black
And blue is just blue
My love is true
It's a matter of fact
Oh, and you love me too
It's as simple as that
Baby, our love is true

They may say some awful things
But there's no point in listening
Your words are the only words
That I believe in afterwards."
Baby It's Fact

"We've got movies on our list to see
Things to do, just you and me
Calls to make from here and there and back
We've got fun to have and days to spend
Songs to sing or just pretend
At least for now just keep things right on track"
Call And Return

"Dear Jamie,
I've got a letter I would like to send.
It's lacking strings of words with punctuation at the ends. but,
Should I trust this dialect
To convey the right effect?

Dear Jamie,
I've got some things I'd like to set in pen.
I would have used a pencil, but lead's just not permanent.
Should I trust my printers ink
To express the things I think?

Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest with
Inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say.

Dear Jamie,
This envelope will represent my heart.
I'll seal it, send it off, and wish it luck with it's depart.
This stamp will be every action that carry my affection
Across the air and land and sea
Should I trust the postage due?
To deliver my heart to you.

Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest with
Inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say
Every page I tried my best to fill with something to contest with
Inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say

Give you all I can
Flower and a hand
I hope this helps you see
Sincerely me."
Dear Jamie, Sincerely Me.

"Here's how it goes.
All it takes is some trying
If you feel like leaving,
I'm not gonna make you stay
Cause soon, you will find that,
You can run, you can hide,
But you can't escape my love."

"It's so far away but I've planned a date
And that's at least a start to get inside your heart "
Figures A and B Means You and Me

"Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me.
Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms."
Here In Your Arms

"I will dig a hole and label it love
And trick her to fall in from above
Strategically placed at the front door
I'll coax her to come back to get more"

"Writing lyrics in the park.
Go to her house after dark.
Tap on the window,
Hope and pray,
That she'll like all the gifts I made.
All we ever are is friends,
We both hope that it never ends.
And she can go on with the guy shes got,
I promise that I'll stay in my spot. "
I Just Think That She's The Best

"There exists a melody
That just might change your mind
Oh if only I knew the key
To sing to make you mine."
I Saw It On Your Keyboard

"Sometimes I think I am out of my league
And then sometimes I think I can dream
Sometimes I wish I could be the one fish
That you choose out of all in the sea

We are non-existent
But I'll try to be persistent
I've gotta keep on if I want to be close to you
I know you're uninterested.
I'm probably just some stupid kid
I could give up if you would want me to"
If You Wanna

"My moves will be so hot
You'll have to stand under the fan"
Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways!

"The wilted flowers that I gave
Not as nice as your bouquet
All the lyrics that I wrote
Not as smart as the words you spoke
Starlight above my hometown
Ain't as bright as the star I've found
Every drawing that I drew
Was never ever as cute as you"
Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

"I should stop whining
Cause it's only been a day or two
I don't know what you did
But you got me to fall for you
And I know that it's stupid

I hope this makes you smile
And you might stay that way for a while
'Cause you deserve every grin that you get
And you'll get 'em a lot from me."
Two Weeks In Hawaii

"Oh, it is love from the first time I set my eyes upon yours thinking Oh, is it love?

Oh, dear
It's been hardly a moment
And you are already missed
There is still a bit of your skin
That I've yet to have kissed
Oh say, please do not go
When you know, oh you know that I must
Oh say, I love you so
You know you, oh know you can trust
We'll be holding hands once again
All our broken plans I will mend
I will hold you tight so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my hand to yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?"

its been hardly three days yet
And I'm longing to feel your embrace
There are several days
Until I can see your sweet face
Oh say, wouldn't you like to be older and married with me?
Oh say, wouldn't it be nice to know right now that we'll be
Someday holding hands in the end
All our broken plans will have been
I will kiss you soft so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?"

Oh, your heart may long for love that is more near
So, when I'm gone these words will be here
To ease every fear
And dry up every tear
And make it very clear
I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I press my lips against yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?"

Oh it is love from the first
Time I set my lips against yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?"

I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I set my lips against yours
Thinking, "Oh, is it love?""
Oh, It Is Love

Hello and Goodbye,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.

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