Ouch, That Hurts.

"The first one is the worst one when it comes to a broken heart.
Your first love, yeah, you're so young and you feel like a falling star.
Cause I'm falling in the city, it's burning out tonight.
You should be there but you've bettered your life.
The first one is the worst one,
When it comes, when it comes to a broken heart."

The First One - Boys Like Girls

What happened? Nothing happened. I was just sitting on the sofa on my living room when my eyes caught a little something something on the web and my brain did the rest of the damage. It's amazing what this brain is capable of doing. All the memories that are stored inside never fade away, as much as you want them to be gone.

You can't change the past. You can't help but regret.

Lesson learned, children. Make right decisions now and you shall live with no regrets and that is the start of a very good life.

Older and hopefully wiser,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.

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