A Tribute To Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Another photo essay. These pictures were supposed to be up for exhibition on August but somehow they people who wanted to put them up canceled my first pameran tunggal. Kecewa, setengah mati. Tapi ya sudah lah ya. LEWAT.

Anyway, my grandfather was born in Nusa Tenggara Timur before he moved to Jakarta. Last summer I had a chance to visit the islands and see the places my grandfather grew up on. Hanya ada satu kata untuk mendeskripsikan tempat itu: Cantik. The beauty is breathtaking. I also had a chance to teach the kids there for a few days and help out on a mobile dental clinic. Check it out.

Copyright: Athalia Soemarko July 2010.

I Will, I Shall, and then I Forget.

Jakarta, Monday, September 13, 2010.

What on earth have I been doing? The world is coming to an end and my brain productivity level is up to 0% at the moment. It's funny how time flies these days. I woke up at approximately 09:00 AM and goodness gracious look at the time! It's 03:00 PM and the sky is not exactly smiling. I don't know who Time is running away from but I'd appreciate it if he slows down a little bit so I can catch my breath and get things done!

So this is what's been happening: my three-months-long summer holiday has been over for more than a month and the third semester is almost half-way through. Like, how on earth did we get here so fast? Sebelum kecolongan waktu lagi, I might as well list up the things I would like to achieve by the end of the year 2010 until mid 2011. Why? I have the tendency to set my heart out on something and then... I'd completely forgotten about them in the nick of time. Thus the title of the post.


Procrastination is my life-long hardcore enemy. I do not know how many journal entries in high school that I have submitted to the teachers about my decision to stop procrastinating. No matter how many times my brain try to trick itself out of delaying school works, particularly, it always get the better of me. Today I am resolute that I shall slay you Procrastination Dragon, once and for all! You shall die and rot in hell. And may the good spirit of diligence enter into this mind and make peace with the many papers and reports to come. Amen.

They say, to actually achieve something you have to set a tangible goal. Here's the tangible goal: the moment the assignment falls into your hand, Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko, finish it right away. Without any "Oh, Noh, But, or Orgh". This shall be a new habit that shall never depart from your heart.

Procrastinate no more and thou shall live like those superheroes in capes.


Here's something weird that not many people know about me: the minute my brain generate ugly thoughts, I'd get a zit in five minutes. Seriously. Or I'd get nauseated as if somebody just sucker punched me really hard on my tummy. This is not a joke. This is true. My thoughts manifest physically like that verse we've often heard from Proverbs 23: 7, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." Here's something new that I just discovered about a year ago, the moment I do something that goes against my consciousness, I get sick, physically. Explanation of this phenomena could also be found in Proverbs where it says that we need to keep our hearts with diligence because out of it springs the issues of life. Maka itu gue harus jaga hati every minute of the day to prevent myself from getting sick. Ini semua pasti kerjaannya yang di Atas sana.

I know this by heart but everyday I got to remind myself that you are not here in this world to judge people. Everybody has their own road to tread. They say, you'll never know how it feels to be someone until you walk in their shoes. Well darling, you weren't meant to walk on their shoes. You have your own bloody shoes to walk on and it's hard enough, isn't it? Why bother trying to walk on other people's shoes?

Keep in mind, hidup itu susah. Orang yang hidupnya gampang, pasti along the way ada orang lain di belakangnya yang bersusah-payah untuk membuat hidupnya mudah. To those yang hidupnya susah, they tend to burst out here and there. Kadang-kadang ada waktu dimana orang lepas kendali. It's normal. Jadi tenang aja kalau ada yang marah atau membuat keputusan yang make you go "Whottt?!" Jangan langsung sat-sut-sat-sut gossip kiri kanan kaya ga ada kerjaan aja. Keep your cool. We need at least one sane person in this insane world. If somebody annoys you beyond reasonable doubt, just stay calm and carry on. Nanti doi capek sendiri. Kalau ada yang sombong dan nyolot, biasanya they don't know the hard work other people invest in their lives to make their life as easy as it is today. Pray and don't judge. Lend a hand, still, and just… Well, smile.

Yet jangan take this for granted and not do what you are supposed to do tapi you expect people to be sweet and angelic to you. Do your work, boob. And the best that you can do, while you're at it. When you do your job right and excellently harusnya things will go as smooth as newly paved road.

The tangible goal: When people comes to you to talk about other people, jangan di bumbu-in dengan "Oh lo harus tau dia juga blah blah blah…" Be a good buddy and cover your mate's back. You'll never know nanti ada orang yang talk behind your back too and who knows he or she will cover your back too. Siapa tau.

I had a third goal but I'll keep that to myself.

A forgetful kid,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.

Ouch, That Hurts.

"The first one is the worst one when it comes to a broken heart.
Your first love, yeah, you're so young and you feel like a falling star.
Cause I'm falling in the city, it's burning out tonight.
You should be there but you've bettered your life.
The first one is the worst one,
When it comes, when it comes to a broken heart."

The First One - Boys Like Girls

What happened? Nothing happened. I was just sitting on the sofa on my living room when my eyes caught a little something something on the web and my brain did the rest of the damage. It's amazing what this brain is capable of doing. All the memories that are stored inside never fade away, as much as you want them to be gone.

You can't change the past. You can't help but regret.

Lesson learned, children. Make right decisions now and you shall live with no regrets and that is the start of a very good life.

Older and hopefully wiser,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.