A Photographer's Entry.

This will be my first ever photo blog. I acknowledge myself as an amateur photographer which means I twiddle around with my camera and I freeze time and I do not do it for a living. Check this out, here are a few pictures of the city in which I live. Jakarta will be celebrating it's birthday on the 22nd of June. In the festivity of the event, I shall post a few pictures of my favorite spot in the city, Bunderan Hotel Indonesia. These pictures were taken on March 2010 with my friend's camera. I can't remember who took which picture so I'll file these under the names of Dhiandro Edwin.

Happy birthday, Jakarta. We've had our differences but in my heart I do not know why or how but you are still number one. Yes, you still beat New York, by a lot of points.

For the love of Jakarta,
Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.

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