Finally, After All These Times.

It's been almost one month after my last post. I have not been exceptionally busy but, yes, I have been exceptionally lazy. April is ending and May is approaching. Soon enough, I'll kiss the second semester good-bye in approximately two weeks and start on the happiest season of the year, SUMMER!

Who knew I've spent the last year harrowing myself in the ways of legal academic skills. I just finish assessing my first university year and, to be completely honest, I've achieved a good amount of accomplishments. The biggest of those would be: being able to wake up, to always be punctual, and to never miss a 7:15 class every Monday. Dang! Who knew this was humanly possible. I've never thought that I've lived through my Civil Law class but I certainly did. Who cares about all the other awards, beauty pageant, and whatnot. Being able to conquer 15 meetings of a 7:15 Monday morning class is definitely something I put pride into. I would like to keep the rest of my first year accomplishments private. Nevertheless, the first and second semester has definitely been one hell of a ride.

Mind you, I am not satisfied. I know there are a lot of rooms for improvement, in the matter of eating especially. My body has come to a full conclusion that Karawaci adalah gudang makanan enak yang tidak bisa didapatkan di rumah. Thus pasti kalap kalau sudah mulai mencicipi segala yang tidak sehat tapi enak. THIS WOULD HAVE TO STOP! Second year of university will begin with me having a regular running schedule and proper meals. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy GPA record. Cihuy! Even though this means sacrificing the yummy Indomie and the amazingly great-tasting Coca Cola, oh well.

And about that... Grade Point Average is expected to rise above the average and by this I'd say a good 3.65 will do. I shall also keep my attendance perfect. A perfect attendance give a certain satisfaction that good grades cannot offer. Looking at the full columns at the absence sheet give me the chills. I'm weird, whatever. Extra curricular activities, as in mooting, would have to be done in the right way, meaning we got to bring home the best awards the university has ever seen from the toughest competition. Exciting!

What's next? Ah yes, relationships. Social-wise, I shall decrease the amount of sarcasm since I've been feeling that the sarcasm-toxic inside my brain is rising again causing some emotional casualties here and there. Whoops. I shall spend more time with my Peeweeboo even though this means that schedules would have to be tallied together no matter how hard to manage or short the meetings would be. I love the complexity of my relationship, I really do. It colors my world. Other people would have this lovey-dovey, easy flowing relationship, I have up-tight, schedule-following, non-rigid, discreet relationship that has been kept for over three years and counting. It's fun, trust me.

Photography shall not be a forgotten child, again. I shall continue on to develop my skill all the while juggling academic responsibilities. Its stress-relieving and I would still have to manage to impress people with it too. I have to, want to, need to study at least two more foreign languages! I do not how I can manage or when I can spare time to do this but it shall be, will be, have to be a MUST!

By the end of my second year, I hope I will have the chance to go for internships in different law firms just to get a grip on what on earth is going on out there in the lives of junior legal officers. Fun, yes?

Traveling... I want to step on the Eastern Indonesian soil so bad, like I would actually cry if somebody would like to fund a backpacking trip to the Celebes or the Molucca Islands. GAWDDDD, this has been my life-long dream. Why not achieve it in the second year of university as well? It's never wrong to dream.

What else do I need to do? OH... I need to get a driver's license. This is lame. I have my own car but I do not know how to park it nor do I know why on earth I have to drive that thing around. I was born to have a driver but yet I still need to learn to drive, and not ride, a car. By the end of this summer, which would be in August of 2010, I would have to have the license and be brave enough to drive around Jakarta. At least bisa nyetir sampai Pondok Indah Mall lah ya.

Ok lah kalau begitu. Sekian dari saya untuk goal tahun ajaran 2010/2011. No poem for this one.