Versus Rangkuman Senin Pagi.

I've been having a major writer's block since my last post and apparently this applied to my studies too.

Minat belajar menurun drastis, otak menolak untuk berpikir, dan tangan pun mandek untuk menulis berhalaman-halaman ringkasan... Mau bagaimana coba? Ya tapi memang Tuhan mengerti bagaimana menginsyafkan orang malas yaitu dengan cara di MARAHIN. Yes, my ego and I got fried on Monday morning and it ticked me off beyond control. Thank God malemnya gue ga tidur jadi waktu sang Bapak marah-marah dan melambai-lambaikan kertas gue di depan kelas sembari memaki-maki pekerjaan tangan hasil jerih payah tiga jam, otak gue ga ngudeng dan alhasil saya tidak sakit hati pada saat dia berteriak-teriak. Tapi pas balik pulang, sampai di rumah dengan aman nyaman dan tentram, sadarlah diriku betapa besarnya masalah ini!

I was in a big mess! Sebenarnya sampai sekarang gue masih terperangkap di masalah ini sih karena minggu depan, tepatnya hari Senin, 22 Februari, 2010, saya harus mempresentasikan di depan kelas dengan topik "How On Planet Earth did I Manage to Summarize a 200-page Book to 4 folio Pages." To be perfectly honest, that book, the particular on that was due last week, was one of those books that I actually UNDERSTOOD yet I got in trouble because of it. Kenapa hidup ini harus tidak adil...

That night I cannot take my mind off the fact that I might as well have ruined my entire future. I am lebay when it comes to thinking. I always tell people that when they think three steps ahead, I imagine ten steps ahead of me. It's like, as much as I know people make mistakes, I do not want to make those mistakes. Yeh, it's this thing I have. Whatever. So I wrote this poem all the while lying on my bed and holding the condemned book on my left hand. I've never been more discouraged in my life but I managed to cheer myself up. I always do (:

So do enjoy this, all ye people who are in pain. Hopefully this will help, biarpun endingnya sangat garing.

It's hard to see the blue sky
When your heart's cloudy
It's painful to give a smile
When your heart is grey

Walking out of a room
With a pocket full of sorrow
Trotting down the road
With a heart unjazzed

Look at the sky,
Look at the clear blue sky
How the sun smiles on you
In good times or bad times

Shine your smile too
Don't give a pout
Cause you'll never know
Who's falling for your smile

You'll never know

PS. It took me ten minutes to figure out a decent title for this post. Goodness.


  1. this is nice poem, even the ending is not "crispy" yahh, sometime that's how live goes and somehow the easy way is to quit..
    bu i thought is a stupid way, and i thought again that is the only way... silly me:)
    hehheh... i like ur log kak:P

  2. Hahaha thank you ya. And don't quit doing whatever you do. Unless its illegal ;)