Two more days to the day where chocolates are flying off the supermarkets shelves, bouquet of roses are passed out, and cheesy poems are written. Yes, it will be Valentine's Day. Call me a hater but I'm not that much of a believer in this particular festivity. Ever since I was a teenybopper, I've despised Valentine's for no apparent reason. I still am a dead romantic but yeh... I guess I've always thought it's really over-rated.

Mungkin banyak orang yang punya cerita sendiri tentang Hari Kasih Sayang ini. Good stories or bad stories, sad stories or happy stories, either way pasti ada aja yang punya pengalaman tentang tanggal 14 Februari ini. As for me, since I was raised in an up-tight community where cinta monyet dan kawan kawannya di anggap sebagai suatu kebodohan dan you can actually get into a real big trouble when you like someone. Tapi ya sudah lah ya, that was the way I was raised. JADI setiap February, for as long as I can remember, we would get lectures on what is love and those kind of things. How was love defined then? The definition I've been hearing for, like, half of my life, defines love as a commitment. Pokoknya the point is, kalau cinta itu, yang sebeneranya, adalah dedikasi sampai mati. Dalem parah? Ga juga. Ya pokoknya begitulah. I got nothing more to say karena saya bukan dokter cinta or an expert in relationships.

Here's a thing I wrote a Valentine ago. I was in a relationship at that time but the thing is when I write I put myself in another person's shoe. And guess who's shoe I put myself in at that time, or in plain English, who gave me the inspiration to write the poem below? It was this guy who I saw standing in front of the Chocolate store at a mall, seriously. Men were walking in and out of the store buying big boxes, small boxes, pretty boxes, plain boxes of chocolate. This guy on the other hand was just STANDING THERE as if he was confused, afraid, or disgusted. I can't tell. So I imagine what was going on inside of his head and wrote this up as I pushed my mum's shopping cart to the car.

Here I go again
Heartbroken again

Getting kicked out of love's road
Getting shooed out of cloud nine

Thought you're not the same
I guess I was insane

I laugh at love
Sneer at lovers

Cupid hates me
Well, I hate him too

His arrows broke
As he aimed my heart

Never will I be
In love again

Poor guy. I hope for the best for him and maybe, JUST MAYBE, this year he'd be one of those guys who walks in to the store with a smile and out with a box for someone who'll smile back at him.

Cheers, Lovers.


  1. agree valentine is overrated abis!it doesnt require any certain date to share and spread love, you can do it evryday :)