The Devil is in the Detail.

Here's a random post. For once I don't feel like pouring out my feelings into words so I'll just list things down. If you notice, Monday, February 22, 2010 is coming up soon which means my presentation is due soon... I haven't got the drive to start yet. ANDDDDD life goes on.

I like to line my books in order of its thickness.

I like to eat half of my meal and switch to another thinking that my tongue would get bored of the taste of only one food.

I like mind goggling phrase(s).

I like staying home.

I like how my sister still smells like a baby (:

I like to keep my inner most personal things to myself.

I like the fact that I can eat like a pig and not expand sideways.

I like the scarcity of my iTunes library.

I like how Winston Churchill, Aristotle, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, G.K. Chesterton, and Abe Lincoln always got something awesome to quote about about even when they're dead.

I like the darkness of Virginia Woolf's stories. "The streets of London have their map; but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?" Jacob's Room.

I like how Gawker provides me with information that I do not need but vital to the ongoing New York society.

I like the diversity of this world, no matter how crooked it is.

I like the thought that each person in the world is like a color that makes a painting completely beautiful.

I like how my thoughts would run so fast that when I talk I would say the first word and the last word of my sentence and then continue to complete the sentence. This happens a lot, fyi.

I like to garden.

I like my closet to be color coordinated starting with white and ending with black.

I like my pictures to be upright instead of horizontal.

I like it when I say "I dont want to talk about it" people would change topic and pretend that nothing had ever happened.

I like my smiley face to be this way (: instead of that way :)

I like people who can talk naturally to me in front of my mother.

I like how my heart flips every time I see your name pops up on my phone.

I like doing this and would write some more some other time.

Hugs and giggles,
Athalia Soemarko.

Versus Rangkuman Senin Pagi.

I've been having a major writer's block since my last post and apparently this applied to my studies too.

Minat belajar menurun drastis, otak menolak untuk berpikir, dan tangan pun mandek untuk menulis berhalaman-halaman ringkasan... Mau bagaimana coba? Ya tapi memang Tuhan mengerti bagaimana menginsyafkan orang malas yaitu dengan cara di MARAHIN. Yes, my ego and I got fried on Monday morning and it ticked me off beyond control. Thank God malemnya gue ga tidur jadi waktu sang Bapak marah-marah dan melambai-lambaikan kertas gue di depan kelas sembari memaki-maki pekerjaan tangan hasil jerih payah tiga jam, otak gue ga ngudeng dan alhasil saya tidak sakit hati pada saat dia berteriak-teriak. Tapi pas balik pulang, sampai di rumah dengan aman nyaman dan tentram, sadarlah diriku betapa besarnya masalah ini!

I was in a big mess! Sebenarnya sampai sekarang gue masih terperangkap di masalah ini sih karena minggu depan, tepatnya hari Senin, 22 Februari, 2010, saya harus mempresentasikan di depan kelas dengan topik "How On Planet Earth did I Manage to Summarize a 200-page Book to 4 folio Pages." To be perfectly honest, that book, the particular on that was due last week, was one of those books that I actually UNDERSTOOD yet I got in trouble because of it. Kenapa hidup ini harus tidak adil...

That night I cannot take my mind off the fact that I might as well have ruined my entire future. I am lebay when it comes to thinking. I always tell people that when they think three steps ahead, I imagine ten steps ahead of me. It's like, as much as I know people make mistakes, I do not want to make those mistakes. Yeh, it's this thing I have. Whatever. So I wrote this poem all the while lying on my bed and holding the condemned book on my left hand. I've never been more discouraged in my life but I managed to cheer myself up. I always do (:

So do enjoy this, all ye people who are in pain. Hopefully this will help, biarpun endingnya sangat garing.

It's hard to see the blue sky
When your heart's cloudy
It's painful to give a smile
When your heart is grey

Walking out of a room
With a pocket full of sorrow
Trotting down the road
With a heart unjazzed

Look at the sky,
Look at the clear blue sky
How the sun smiles on you
In good times or bad times

Shine your smile too
Don't give a pout
Cause you'll never know
Who's falling for your smile

You'll never know

PS. It took me ten minutes to figure out a decent title for this post. Goodness.


Two more days to the day where chocolates are flying off the supermarkets shelves, bouquet of roses are passed out, and cheesy poems are written. Yes, it will be Valentine's Day. Call me a hater but I'm not that much of a believer in this particular festivity. Ever since I was a teenybopper, I've despised Valentine's for no apparent reason. I still am a dead romantic but yeh... I guess I've always thought it's really over-rated.

Mungkin banyak orang yang punya cerita sendiri tentang Hari Kasih Sayang ini. Good stories or bad stories, sad stories or happy stories, either way pasti ada aja yang punya pengalaman tentang tanggal 14 Februari ini. As for me, since I was raised in an up-tight community where cinta monyet dan kawan kawannya di anggap sebagai suatu kebodohan dan you can actually get into a real big trouble when you like someone. Tapi ya sudah lah ya, that was the way I was raised. JADI setiap February, for as long as I can remember, we would get lectures on what is love and those kind of things. How was love defined then? The definition I've been hearing for, like, half of my life, defines love as a commitment. Pokoknya the point is, kalau cinta itu, yang sebeneranya, adalah dedikasi sampai mati. Dalem parah? Ga juga. Ya pokoknya begitulah. I got nothing more to say karena saya bukan dokter cinta or an expert in relationships.

Here's a thing I wrote a Valentine ago. I was in a relationship at that time but the thing is when I write I put myself in another person's shoe. And guess who's shoe I put myself in at that time, or in plain English, who gave me the inspiration to write the poem below? It was this guy who I saw standing in front of the Chocolate store at a mall, seriously. Men were walking in and out of the store buying big boxes, small boxes, pretty boxes, plain boxes of chocolate. This guy on the other hand was just STANDING THERE as if he was confused, afraid, or disgusted. I can't tell. So I imagine what was going on inside of his head and wrote this up as I pushed my mum's shopping cart to the car.

Here I go again
Heartbroken again

Getting kicked out of love's road
Getting shooed out of cloud nine

Thought you're not the same
I guess I was insane

I laugh at love
Sneer at lovers

Cupid hates me
Well, I hate him too

His arrows broke
As he aimed my heart

Never will I be
In love again

Poor guy. I hope for the best for him and maybe, JUST MAYBE, this year he'd be one of those guys who walks in to the store with a smile and out with a box for someone who'll smile back at him.

Cheers, Lovers.

Lost, The Original Version.

Hal yang paling mudah untuk di expresikan adalah cinta. I don't know why but it's very easy to catch the drift when writing about love. Mungkin karena cinta itu ga usah di rasakan sendiri juga... Kalau udah mandek ga bisa mikir, tinggal tenggok kiri-kanan pasti ada yang kasmaran dan bisa di pakai untuk jadi inspirasi.

Well, Lost adalah sebuah puisi yang menceritakan jalannya cinta dua orang yang sudah salah memilih. Di butakan oleh cinta, mereka mengira bahwa orang yang di depan mata mereka adalah sempurna sampai suatu saat mereka sadar bahwa they've been choosing the wrong person and they've been lost. Singkat cerita, mereka akhirnya mengerti bahwa sebenernya they were meant to be with each other and life starts from then on. This story is well... WAS my story but happily ever after is a too idealistic of a concept, even for me

Puisi di bawah ini sudah menjadi lagu yang musiknya di compose oleh Petra Joshua Sihombing dan di release di self-titled albumnya. 


Look here 
Look nice and close 
This is where we are now 
From this day on until forever more 

We've walked our own ways 
Wasting our days 
On things we thought 
Worth it 

We've set our own course 
Spending our time 
With people we thought 

We were two lost souls 
Finding our way like fools 
From choosing the wrong partners 
Until finding each other 

Come what may 
I'll be with you forever 'till the end 
Come what may 
We'll be together hand in hand 

For I am yours and you are mine 
Until the end of time 

Sang Pemikir.

Tidak semua yang kutulis nyata
Beberapa hanya fiktif belaka
Di buat imajinasiku
Di rasa batinku

Semua ini tulisanku.
Berasal dari pikiranku. 

Racikan tengah malam
Ketika hatiku resah
Atau pagi hari
Setelah mimpi indah.

Tanya Kenapa.

Waktu berjalan agak sedikit terlalu cepat, sepertinya. All of a sudden February is here and my blog is left unattended. Posting terakhir di buat di bulan Desember... and that's like AGES ago. It's not like I expect people to read these tapi ya sudah lah ya. Anyway, sepertinya alasan kenapa blog ini berantakan, ga jelas, dan tidak ada juntrungannya karena dari pertama kali buat gue ga pernah set where this thing is going because well, I have NO IDEA where this will lead and I kept on throwing things in writings. Tidak baik, memang.

Jadi gue tanya kenapa, seperti iklan rokok yang apa lah itu namanya. Kenapa ya dulu blog ini di buat? Tadinya I was thinking of doing this blog to describe my sorry, academic life thus the name: nerdus maximus. Tapi, academic life gue ga se-madesu itu sampe bisa di deskripsikan dengan sangat amat tragisnya.

Nah, tadi siang, sembari tidur tiduran di rumah menikmati panasnya Jakarta... I stumbled on my old poems and lyrics. No, gue bukan penyanyi, ga bisa nyanyi malah. Ini lirik yang di buat untuk teman teman musisi terncinta. Sementara tulisan tulisan yang lain adalah pelampiasan kekesalan atau hasil imajinasi saja. Waktu di liat liat ternyata BANYAK JUGA YAAAHHHH dan kasian banget kalo mereka di simpan tidak terbaca. Tadinya gue mau buat blog baru hanya untuk puisi puisi dan tulisan pelampiasan perasaan ini. Tapi koq rasanya ga banget kalo punya dua blog dan nanti pada akhirnya dua-duanya ga ke urus. Jadi, yah... sepertinya nerdus maximus akan berubah halauan. Ga berubah halauan juga sih karena memang dari pertamanya it has no purpose so I am setting one now!

Sesuai dengan namanya, The Thought Collector, tulisan tulisan yang di post adalah karangan si pemikir. Tidak semuanya nyata, beberapa adalah imajinasi belaka. Tapi setidaknya lebih baik dari pada kumpulan non-sense.

Baiklah, pembacaku yang setia, if you're really there, the post above this one will be the first poem published. Selamat menikmati.

Salam hangat, Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko.